When you book a space in a CMV show, you are one of up to six designers featured, with the notariety of each brand helping each of the other brands find new reach and new audience.


Our shows include entertainment that surrounds each designer’s set of walks giving the audience more reason to pay attention to the show and to bee excited about the experience. The more memorable the show, the more memorable your products.


Every audience member is given a show program that includes information about the show, your products, how to purchase and about the models showing you off. Every aspect of the content in a program is created to help inspire even those involved in the show, to want to spread the program around beyond the life of the show itself.


During the show, we incorporate carefully crafted ways of keeping people focused on your products so that they can win prizes after the show. If they don’t know you and your products, they can’t win prizes!


We perform the show two different times during a weekend, one early Saturday and one Sunday afternoon, to try to reach a larger audience and on the Friday night before the first show kicks off, we host a party in one of our night club, sponsored by iMoogi Radio.


Both of the shows are filmed and a professionally produced video is the end result. This video can be used by you at all times, to show off your products into the future. We will also have a segmented version of the video made available on our website, with each designer’s walks in a video of their own.

Here is an example of a fashion show and show video Filipa Thespian produced:

Here’s a commercial for a client produced by Avatar PR this summer (example of quality of work):


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