In SL, we have several of our own marketing based groups for our own brands including Nu Vibez Magazine (2,358), The CLubbing Connection (2,557), iMoogi Radio (7,192) and Aero Pines Park Events (14,071).

Beyond our own in world groups, we have the ability to market to a number of others, bringing our total in-world reach into the neighborhood of 73,000 at last count.

Online, using our social networking connections, we have a distribution network of somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 million (yes duplicates are in there and thats deliberate) Second Life and virtual world residents.

On iMoogi Radio, with ads and DJ placements we reach between 18,000 and 22,000 unique listeners each month, a great portion of which are newbies to Second Life.

So, we have the network, the ability and knowhow in how to reach them and the ability to motivate them to fill an audience.


Our sim gets traffic of up to 34,000 a day during SL peak times (summer is slower for everyone).

Our sims are self-entertainment oriented, with miles of trails, and seasonal activities as well as our year round attractions which include bowling, pool, arcade, greedy greedy and more.

For the week preceding and the week following your show weekend, your vendors will be given a public/visible home in our shopping town so that daily visitors to our attractions have an opportunity to see what you have.

At the end of this time, if we have any shops still available, in a first come first serve basis, you will be given the opportunity to rent at a 40% discount.


The Clubbing Connection is a network of hundreds of night clubs in SL representing tens of thousands of club-goers. As part of this brand, we have a service for them called “club hopping” where we bring a large group of people to many CCN clubs during an evening of fun.

During the week following your show weekend, as available, we will take our models on up to three club hops, each of which representing up to 6 clubs in an evening to show off your products, discuss them with the crowds and pass out the show program so that club goers have info on how to purchase your products.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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