In 2009, until mid 2011, partner Filipa Thespian was Art Director of BOSL Magazine. It was BOSL’s glory days then, glory which only grew even more high qualitty with her attention to detail in the way she managed the aesthetics of all aspects of BOSL’s brands including the magazine, BOSL’s modeling agency and the Miss Virtual World pageant & Academy.

During Filipa’s time at BOSL, she wound out going to a GREAT DEAL of fashion shows and realized … no one in the audience was paying attention to what was going on on-stage at any of the shows she went to — and these were produced by the biggest names in SL including BOSL.

While there, she would subtly ask people what outfit was just up on stage, who was the designer of the outfit on stage, or if they knew where to get it. Consistently, no one knew. They were too busy in IM’s with each other, more interested in gossip and seeing/being seen. These experiences were the lightbulbs that inspired her interactive show concepts.

Through the years Filipa created Roleplay Guide Magazine, took on the roll of Editor-in-Chief of Nu Vibez Magazine, became COO of Avatar PR, CEO of Avante Modeling Agency and created iMoogi Enterprises LLC which owns and operates where we entertain between 18,000 and 22,000 unique listeners each month and Her sims garner traffic in the 30,000 range in SL’s active months and her in-world groups have grown to represent many thousands of active members.


Scorp, as he is known by most, is a professional marketer in the real world, managing talents and businesses with print, interactive, web and event marketing solutions.

He is the CEO of Avatar PR, The Clubbing Connection & Pulse Entertainment Productions; Publisher of Nu Vibez Magazine and partners with Filipa Thespian in all their collective interests.

In Second Life, Scorp has built quite the marketing engine with which he helps businesses in many genres, grow and succeed.


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